Constant Potential Systems

A Summary:

The MART series features two compact thermal emission X-ray generators for NDT: MART 200 and MART 250. 

Best compatible with digital radiography systems:

  • Constant potential X-ray radiation creates smooth images for all DR systems. 
  • Fast installation of a light weight and compact X-ray source maximizes testing productivity with DR
  • Small focal spot provides high quality images for digital detector placed at some distance from the testing object.

The MART-250 uses a side-port X-ray tube for a solid angle coverage of about 50°, and the MART-200 has an end-port X-ray tube to cover 140° for panoramic imaging.


Key benefits:

  • Adjustable high voltage
  • Small focal spot size
  • Best compatible with digital radiography systems
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Automatic X-ray tube seasoning
  • Low price tag


Operating voltage: 105 to 200 kV, Beam angle: 140 degrees, Generator weight: 6 kg, Focal spot size: 2,2 mm


Operating voltage: 130 to 250 kV, Beam angle: 40x50 degrees, Generator weight: 9 kg, Focal spot size: 0.9x1.4 mm