Our MART series features two compact thermal emission X-ray generators: MART 200 and MART 250. This series of field flaw detectors is designed to provide a better image quality than pulsed X-ray systems. The MART-250 uses a side-port X-ray tube for a solid angle coverage of about 50°, and the MART-200 has an end-port X-ray tube to cover 140° for panoramic imaging.

Portable High energy and High power X-ray generators. Best compatible with digital radiography systems:

  • Constant potential X-ray radiation creates smooth images for all DR systems.
  • Fast installation of a light weight and compact X-ray source maximizes testing productivity with DR
  • Small focal spot provides high quality images for digital detector placed at some distance from the testing object.

The device operates on the conventional thermionic emission principle, whereby X-ray radiation is generated in an X-ray tube by applying constant potential high voltage to the tube electrodes.
The main electric circuit includes intermediate frequency conversion to reduce the size and weight of the device, suppress high voltage pulses and stabilize supply voltage.

The device structurally consists of X-Ray Tubehead and external Control Unit interconnected by a 30-meter cable.

The X-ray tubehead is filled with transformer oil and contains a source of constant potential high-voltage and a thermionic X-ray tube.


Key Performance Parameters

X-ray dose, R3
Operating voltage, kV105-200
Anode current, mA0.5
Beam angle, degrees140
Maximum power at the anode, W100
X-Ray Tubehead weight, kg6
Focal spot size, mm2.0
X-Ray Tubehead dimensions, mm430x100x160

Steel Penetration

D7 + Pb, mm20

The standard scope of supply includes:

  • X-Ray Tubehead, 
  • Control Unit,
  • Connection cable and Power supply cable,
  • Operating Documentation,
  • Carrying Case or Bag.