Currently produced by Spectroflash are the ARINA and PAMIR pulsed X-ray generators, the MART constant potential X-ray generator, and the SIRENA crawler. In addition to that, the monoblock design PAMIR MONO system will be launched as a stock product in November 2020.

Pulsed Systems

Our pulsed X-ray systems include the ARINA and PAMIR series. Produced since the late 1980's, our ARINA series of flaw detectors have earned popularity for being easy to operate and maintain. The PAMIR series was developed as an improved version of the ARINA systems with extended continuous operation time. These are provided in voltage ratings of 200, 250 and 300 kV to enable selection of a proper tool for any required range of penetration thicknesses.

Constant Potential Systems

Our MART series features two compact thermal emission X-ray generators: MART 200 and MART 250. This series of field flaw detectors is designed to provide a better image quality than pulsed X-ray systems. The MART-250 uses a side-port X-ray tube for a solid angle coverage of about 50°, and the MART-200 has an end-port X-ray tube to cover 140° for panoramic imaging.


The PAMIR MONO system is a result of designing a monoblock pulsed system with controls integrated into the X-ray generator unit. This engineering solution has eliminated the need for any connection cables. The operating specifications of these devices are similar to those of PAMIR 200 and PAMIR 300 except for a minor increase in size and weight. The scope of supply also includes two quick-detachable batteries, each supporting 20 minutes of continuous operation.

SIRENA crowler

The SIRENA-5 X-ray crawler is designed to enable panoramic welding inspections of 530 mm to 1,020 mm diameter pipelines. The crawler package consists of a self-propelled trolley with a built-in rechargeable battery, the main X-ray generator, and a compact control unit for positioning the crawler inside a horizontal pipe section with an accuracy of ±10 mm.