- How do I select an X-ray detector for my needs?

Our MART series detectors are best suited for penetrating materials over a wide range of thicknesses. Where panoramic beam applications are possible, the MART 200 system is recommended, otherwise consider using MART 250. 

The PAMIR MONO system is recommended for locations that are difficult to access or have no power mains.  

The SIRENA crawler should be preferred for 530 mm to 1,020 mm diameter pipelines that need to be tested with panoramic beam imaging.

Our ARINA and PAMIR flaw detectors provide optimum cost efficiency. These systems may be used to test a fixed range of thicknesses where high-sensitivity X-ray films may be used with image intensifying fluorescent screens.   


- If I want to buy an X-ray detector, where do I start?

Place your order with our sales at sbyt@spectroflash.ru or use our feedback form


 - How do I select a dosimeter?

For use in combination with pulsed X-ray detectors, specialized dosimeter models should be selected that are capable of measuring pulsed X-ray radiation, such capability being expressly indicated in their datasheet specifications. The dosimeter must be designed to measure pulsed radiation at 50 ns pulse duration of 10 Hz frequency. 

Dosimeters of the ionization type may be used for measuring radiation dose (but NOT dose rate!).


- How do I transport X-ray detectors by plane?

All our X-ray detectors are non-hazardous goods that can be transported by any means of conveyance.


- My X-ray detector is out of service, what do I do? What is the warranty period for your unit?

If an X-ray detector is found to be out of service, the entire package of the associated X-ray equipment (detector, control unit, connection cables) will have to be sent to the manufacturer for professional servicing.

The warranty period is 12 months from the day of shipment.


- How do I select an external power source? What suitable solutions are available?

The X-ray detectors manufactured by Spectroflash LLC may be powered from a minimum 1-kW inverter/generator with an output of 230 VAC 50 Hz. For pulsed X-ray detectors, it is critical to keep the output voltage close to sinusoidal. The MART systems can take both sinusoidal and meander voltage. Depending on the model, our pulsed X-ray systems may also be powered from 24 VDC or 12 VDC power sources. An IP-230/24-8 power supply unit may be purchased for detector models that use 24 VDC.


- Do these need verification/calibration?

The X-ray detectors manufactured by Spectroflash LLC are not measuring instruments and do not require periodic verifications/calibrations.