Our MART series features two compact thermal emission X-ray generators: MART 200 and MART 250. This series of field flaw detectors is designed to provide a better image quality than pulsed X-ray systems. The MART-250 uses a side-port X-ray tube for a solid angle coverage of about 50°, and the MART-200 has an end-port X-ray tube to cover 140° for panoramic imaging.

Key Performance Parameters

X-ray dose, R5
Operating voltage, kV130-250
Anode current, mA0.8
Maximum power at the anode, W200
X-Ray Tubehead weight, kg9
Focal spot size, mm0.8x1.2
X-Ray Tubehead dimensions, mm580x140x190
X-ray inspection techniquedirectional

Steel Penetration

D7 + Pb, mm30
F8 + RCF, mm40
F8 + NDT1200, mm50