The SIRENA-5 X-ray crawler is designed to enable panoramic welding inspections of 530 mm to 1,020 mm diameter pipelines. The crawler package consists of a self-propelled trolley with a built-in rechargeable battery, the main X-ray generator, and a compact control unit for positioning the crawler inside a horizontal pipe section with an accuracy of ±10 mm.

The SIRENA-5 employs a smart recovery system that prevents the crawler from becoming lost in a pipeline and initiates automatic return if any of the following is detected:

  • Mechanical obstruction in the way
  • Water obstruction in the way
  • Low battery charge
  • Pipe inclinations in excess of 20°
  • The crawler is also protected against falling out of the pipe.

Key Performance Parameters

Inspected pipe diameter range, mm530-1020
Weight of package including control unit, kg60
Positioning accuracy relative to inspected weld, mm±10
Maximum angle of climb, degrees20
Overall dimensions of trolley assembly, mm1250х360х300