Our pulsed X-ray systems include the ARINA and PAMIR series. Produced since the late 1980's, our ARINA series of flaw detectors have earned popularity for being easy to operate and maintain. The PAMIR series was developed as an improved version of the ARINA systems with extended continuous operation time. These are provided in voltage ratings of 200, 250 and 300 kV to enable selection of a proper tool for any required range of penetration thicknesses.

Key Performance Parameters

X-ray dose, mR1200
Operating voltage, kV250
Generator weight, kg7
Focal spot size, mm2.5
Generator dimensions, mm437x111x225
X-ray inspection techniquepanoramic

Steel Penetration

D7 + Pb, mm25
F8 + RCF, mm35
F8 + NDT1200, mm45

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