Ключевые особенности

The X-ray Generator comprises two main components: 

  • the X-ray unit that generates X-ray radiation; 
  • the Remote Control that operates through a radio channel.

The Generator supports two modes: switching on the X-ray remotely from the Remote Control console, or switching on right from the X-ray unit's control panel with a 20 sec on-delay. The power is supplied by the 24-V replaceable battery. The battery is charged from a single-phase AC grid using the incorporated battery charger.

Key benefits

  • No connection cables
  • High mobility 
  • In-built power supply
  • Both directional and panoramic beam capability

Key Performance Parameters

X-ray dose, mR400
Operating voltage, kV160
X-Ray Tubehead weight, kg6
Focal spot size, mm3
X-Ray Tubehead dimensions, mm465x205x120
X-ray inspection techniquedirectional / panoramic

Steel Penetration

F8 + RCF, mm15