X-Ray Warning Flash Lamp

When X-rays are being generated from an X-ray tube there must be a clear and safe indication of this hazardous condition.

Our flash light is an X-ray warning device, that indicates when X-rays are being produced. It shall be mounted near the monitored object in such a way as to be conspicuous from any position.[O1]  
Our X-Ray Warning Flash Lamp is a light warning device that indicates when X-rays are generated. The Lamp is mounted near the testing object in such a way as to be conspicuous from any position.


What distinguishes it in the market:

  • small weight and compact size
  • inbuilt power supply
  • no connection cables

The light is attached on magnets and, therefore, can be secured in any position convenient for monitoring.

The power is supplied from six AA batteries.

The light is turned on by a switch at the base.


Basic specifications:

  • Light Color: Red
  • Light Source Type: LED
  • Housing Sizes (⌀ × H): (63 × 75) mm
  • Weight complete with batteries, max 0.3 kg


To use, place the light at a distance of 1.5 to 15 meters from the monitored object, outside of the direct beam, so that the operator can see the light indication.

At low voltages, the light should be positioned closer to the X-ray tube head[O1] , and at high voltages, farther from it. For a particular mode, the required distance is found experimentally.